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Here at Tiny Homes Australia, we specialise in custom built Tiny Homes. We understand that one design does not fit all. With Australia’s #1 Tiny Home draftsman, we can turn your dream Tiny Home into a reality! Our draftsman will work with you to develop a full set of Tiny Home plans with your dreams and our experience that allows us to lock in the price with clear inclusions. We are registered builders and build to the highest quality. Call us today on 1300 528 453 to make an appointment.

Whether you are after a spare bedroom for guests, a home to live in or maybe an office space, we can help you. Our Tiny Houses are sure to impress. We can build Tiny Homes from 4 meters in length all the way up to 11 meters!

Based in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, we are owned and operated by Hangan Construction, an established building and construction company with over 40 tradesmen on hand and years of experience. 

Beautiful small house in warburton victoria. Clad in a amazing silvertop ash shiplap timber with a charcoal modwood deck
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With over 25 Custom Tiny Homes built we are sure to have a design that will kick start your journey to dreaming up your ideal Tiny Home.


We can provide Tiny Home trailers from

4 metres to 11 metres in length.

From trailers to toilets we can support your Tiny House project end-to-end.

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From Carpentry, to Construction, later incorporating Steel Fabrication,

Hangan Construction expanded to building Tiny Homes in 2017.