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If you become serious about joining the Tiny Home Movement you will likely spend weeks or months gathering information and inspiration from all over the internet to help your dream Tiny House come to life. 


We're constantly working on providing great resources so you can have everything you need to help you along the journey:

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We are Australia's leading custom Tiny Home company. We have the backing of a 40+ tradesman strong C-DBU registered construction company (Hangan Construction) along with Australia's most experienced Tiny Home Design draftsman. Working closely with Tiny Home dreamers we have custom designed and built over 25 Tiny Houses on wheels (always on a road registered trailer).

When you sit down with our sales team, everything you have thought of will finally piece together.  Ideas you have for sections (or all) of the design will be implemented with our experience in style, comfort, flow and logical tiny home planning. 

In our experience, we find that most DIY Tiny Home builders end up spending close to what you would spend with an experienced Tiny House builder. Even so, we understand the satisfaction in building a Tiny House on your own and will continue to provide free resources as well as offering custom professional Tiny House plans for $1990 with our in-house Tiny House draftsman.