How to connect a Tiny Home to a trailer chassis.

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

A common question and one of the most important we get asked is: How do you tie the tiny homes to the trailer chassis? I know every tiny home builder will have a slightly different opinion but the premise will be the same. . But I wanted to share with all of you whether your wants to DIY tiny home and looking for advice on how to tie it down or whether your curious on how we do it I’m going to go through our method

Step 1 - Our trailers are a ladder section made of 100x50 RHS we glue and screw out 22mm red tongue flooring to the trailer ladder frame.

Step 2 - Build your frame.

Step 3 - Nail our bottom plates down to the red tongue

Step 4 - Drill and screw the bottom plates down to the 100x50 RHS chassis

Step 5 - Once the frame is plumbed and straightened we sheet brace the entire exterior of the tiny home down to the bottom edge of the 100x50RHS and we screw sideways into the trailer chassis

The tried and tested combination of screwing down the frame in multiple directions as well as the use of adhesives results in a safe and effective method of connecting a Tiny Home to a trailer chassis.

Till next time,

Indi, your Tiny Home builder.

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