Our Story

From Tiny Beginnings to Leading Tiny Development

Our tiny journey started a lot like many others. My wife, Dominique, came to me one day and said we should build a tiny home. I said you’re crazy. We compromised and decided to build our first Tiny Home. We did a lot of research on other builds that we liked, added ideas of what we wanted and finally settled on a design that was economical, functional and beautiful.

Luckily for me at the time my father, Paul Hangan, had spare factory space so we quickly began building our first tiny home. With his experience as an engineer and mine as a registered builder, it worked well. We planned and built Hillside and my wife documented the journey.

Due to the journey being documented online, we grew quite a following and decided to build a second tiny home shortly after completing the first. This time it was with the hope of selling it and maybe turning our hobby and passion into a business filling a gap in the market with custom built Tiny Homes. 


With our first two models built, we decided to have an open day to show our product and passion to people. We had an amazing response with well over 7000 people attending as well as local and national media attention and the like. 

Unlike a number of other Tiny Home builders, Tiny Homes Australia was able to begin with the backing of my 40+ tradesman construction company Hangan Construction

With this background and foundation, customers were confident and able to trust in our ability to produce a quality Tiny Home. With our large selection of designs, customers have the ability to pick their favourite model and make changes if they need. 

It's more work for us in the design stage of a build by offering total customisation. However, with our draftsman Felipe on board (who has designed over 40 custom tiny homes and is Australia's leading and most experienced tiny house designer) we work with our clients to make their tiny home dreams become a reality. Our planning and preparation in the design allows accurate pricing and clear expectations.

We have loved working with each and every one of our clients and can't wait to discuss your tiny home concept.


Indiana Hangan

Founder - Tiny Homes Australia

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